LeavenLaw and it’s Policy-Holder Advocates represent homeowners and other insurance policy holders who have been denied or underpaid claims by their insurance carriers. Many times, LeavenLaw’s attorneys can take on a policy holder’s first-party insurance claim on a contingency basis; in other words, you owe us no attorneys’ fees or costs unless we prevail for you.

LeavenLaw represents policy holders in the following types of first-party insurance claims:

Insurance Companies have an obligation to pay a policy holder’s valid claims. If they don’t pay such claims and expose you to damage—whether in out of pocket attorneys’ fees to defend a claim or in the form of an excess judgment—you could have a Bad Faith Claim.

Florida’s population has been booming for over half a century. As a result, in the early 1970’s, homes or commercial properties were being built en mass and, as such, cheap materials we being used. More specifically, in homes built in Florida in the mid-70s or earlier, cast iron plumbing systems were primarily being installed in Florida homes and have proven over time to be faulty.

LeavenLaw is a policy-advocate law firm that is experienced in handling insurance claims and resulting disputes caused by fires in your home or business. Our Florida insurance claim lawyers will provide you with counsel that is needed during this tough time as well as accurate and honest representation in an attempt to maximize your recovery from the insurance carrier resulting from fire damages.

"First-party" insurance claims are insurance claims that a policy holder makes directly with their own insurance company, essentially for breach of contract. For example, a person who holds a homeowner’s insurance policy that covers fires would make a claim with this or her own insurance company to cover fire damage and repairs on a covered property.

Hail can cause damage to your property, and sometimes the damage may not be readily apparent. In some cases, the hail damage can be severe. You home is not the only property that can be damages by hail: buildings, cars, crops, and other property are all vulnerable to hail damage.

The death of a loved one can be a complex, confusing, and emotionally difficult time for the people left behind; tough for the survivors. During the grieving process, few people will immediately consider financial matters. However, the decedent often leaves behind family members that depended on them for some type of financial support.

Sun. Sand. Water. Loving the Florida’s lifestyle is easy. Dealing with Hurricanes, however, can be hard. As Floridians, we are exposed to devastating hurricanes and tropical storms that many times come without much notice. Unfortunately, insurance carriers do not always uphold their obligations under the insurance policies they underwrite. When they fail to honor their obligations, insureds are often left with un un-repaired damage to their home or business.

Tampa Bay is known as the lightning capital of the world, so much so the area named one of its professional sports franchises after this weather phenomenon. So, living in Florida, it should be no surprise that you are exposed to potential lightning strikes to your home or business.

Sinkholes occur when groundwater beneath the surface erodes limestone and creating weakness in the layers beneath the surface, allowing holes to open causing damages to surface buildings. Truthfully, however, it is not always an open hole that creates damage to home and buildings. Instead, most sinkhole damage occurs gradually, as the land slowly weakens and sinks, causing cracks and breaks to a residence or commercial building.

Stucco has been around for decades. Still, many times stucco installers will install stucco incorrectly, causing your building damage. Did the installers use a water-proofing layer and install it over lathe? Or did they take short cuts, simply and improperly installing, causing it to crack, people and lead to deeper damage to your home or business.

Nothing can be more damaging to your home that water, resulting in huge financial and emotional loss and stress. Property damage from water may occur in several ways.  Hurricanes or wind storms can cause damage to your home or business, allowing water to enter from openings created by high winds or projectiles. Broken pipes and bad plumbing are also common causes of water damage.