LeavenLaw is a policy-advocate law firm that is experienced in handling insurance claims and resulting disputes caused by fires in your home or business. Our Florida insurance claim lawyers will provide you with counsel that is needed during this tough time as well as accurate and honest representation in an attempt to maximize your recovery from the insurance carrier resulting from fire damages.

What caused the Fire?

Fire damage can be extremely destructive and, as most policy holders would think, are a covered claim under your homeowner’s or commercial insurance policy. To determine if it is a covered peril under your policy, however, questions need to be asked. If fire damages your home or business, the first question your insurance company will ask and then attempt to answer is “What caused the fire?” To make this determination, in all likelihood, your insurance company will bring in a “cause and origin” expert to assess your property and make a cause-of-fire determination. If the fire is found to be intentionally set, the next questions the insurance company will seek answers to are (1) whether the insured had a financial incentive to cause the fire and (2) whether he or she could have started the fire. If the answer to either question is yes, your claim may likely be denied.

What to do After a Fire

Fires are destructive and can be devastating to a home or business. In such case, proceeding carefully, with the advice of a competent, experience insurance dispute attorney can be the difference between a great result and no result. By retaining the services of LeavenLaw’s experienced insurance claim lawyers, you can create a strong case to get you the compensation you need to make you whole for your fire loss.

To properly prepare your fire insurance claim, make sure you:

  • Take pictures of the damage
  • Secure and protect your home or business to prevent further damage
  • Report the fire damage to your insurance company as soon as possible
  • Find or request a copy of your insurance policy from your insurance company
  • Save receipts that reflect any work you’ve done in an attempt to protect and preserve the property (two copies)
  • Get ready for a claims adjuster to inspect your property.
  • Provide claims adjuster all documents, photographs and receipts regarding your claim
  • Note the time, date and contents of conversations with your insurance company

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At LeavenLaw, our policy-holder advocates have thousands of clients throughout the state of Florida. We are board-certified and belong to a number of prestigious organizations, all which assist us in offering our clients exceptional advice and acute representation, no matter how complicated your claim may be.

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