Sun. Sand. Water. Loving the Florida’s lifestyle is easy. Dealing with Hurricanes, however, can be hard. As Floridians, we are exposed to devastating hurricanes and tropical storms that many times come without much notice. Unfortunately, insurance carriers do not always uphold their obligations under the insurance policies they underwrite. When they fail to honor their obligations, insureds are often left with un un-repaired damage to their home or business.

Tropical Storm vs. Hurricane: Does it Matter?

Cyclones are weather types that can be categorized as either tropical storms or hurricanes. This categorization, however, will likely impact how your insurance claim is made and handled under your insurance policy. A “tropical depression” is weather wherein the wind speeds are less than 38 mph. “tropical storm” is a cyclone wherein wind speeds reach levels between 39 mph to 73 mph. A “hurricane” is a cyclone wherein wind speeds reach and then exceed 74 mph. Hurricanes are then segregated and sub-classified into categories (i.e., CAT 3, CAT 4, etc.) with the higher the sustained wind speeds equating to a higher the hurricane category classification. A summary of the storm categories are listed below:

CAT 1 — Between 74 and 95 mph
CAT 2 — Between 96 and 110 mph
CAT 3 — Between 111 and 129 mph
CAT 4 — Between 130 and 156 mph
CAT 5 — Greater than 157 mph

Help for Consumers Who Are Underpaid on Hurricane Claims

LeavenLaw’s experienced and dedicated insurance claim attorneys know that being hit by a hurricane can leave homes in its wake which are not livable and businesses which are not viable.  LeavenLaw’s Florida insurance claim lawyers have helped thousands of consumer clients over the years who have been victimized by financial institutions and insurance companies via their improper denial of coverage or underpayment of an insured’s otherwise valid insurance claim. LeavenLaw’s lawyers are ready to help with your hurricane damage claim. Specifically, they will help you:

—determine the coverage available under your policy,
—advise you on your the policy’s terms and conditions that must be satisfied to
preserve your rights to insurance benefits,
—evaluate and advise which benefits which are owed to you, and
—assist you in obtaining the maximum benefits possible.

In short, LeavenLaw will ensure that your insurance company is held accountable and provides you with the coverage you both paid for and are entitled to.

It’s hard to predict how any business, building, home, or condominium will endure a storm’s devastating winds. When wind damage occurs and an insurance claim does need to be filed, many policyholders are unsure how to start the process and ultimately show what they are owed.

If a windstorm — whether a hurricane or a tropical storm — has damaged your property:

  1. Report the claim to your insurance company immediately.
  2. Attempt to protect your property from further hurricane damage.
  3. Take pictures or use video to document in detail all damage.
  4. Also write down or inventory all damages.
  5. Keep a file for any documents or information regarding your claim.
  6. Keep copies of all correspondence your insurance company sends.
  7. Keep a written log or journal of all communications with your insurance adjuster.
  8. Keep all receipts for expenses related to the damage/repairs.

If you are then notified that your insurance claim has been denied (or you that you will receive significantly less money for your claim that is needed to make adequate repairs), it is time to contact LeavenLaw for potential legal representation. Insurance companies make their profits from the peace of mind they sell their policyholders and then protect that profit by denying or minimizing its customer’s hurricane insurance claims.

Why LeavenLaw Should Handle Your Hurricane Claim?

LeavenLaw’s Florida property insurance attorneys have handled complex insurance claim cases all over the state, with attorneys who have upward of 100 years of experience between them, with over 100 trials under their belt. LeavenLaw is not a general practice law firm, but rather specializes in consumer plaintiff claims, including in large part insurance claims policy holders advance against their insurance carrier. LeavenLaw’s experience in property insurance litigation has allowed its attorneys to successfully resolve its client’s denied insurance claims. In the end, you will need attorneys competent and experienced at reading your policy and offering you good counsel to successfully resolve your disputed insurance claim.

LeavenLaw also knows that its clients are often facing unbearable financial consequences as a result of being struck by these storms. For this reason, in most cases, we will take your case and work on a contingency-fee basis: you owe us nothing up front; we receiver our attorneys fees and costs when we win....or not at all. Additionally, Florida law allows us in most circumstances to seek our attorneys’ fees and costs directly from the insurance company, above and beyond the recovery we obtain for our clients in the event we prevail in your case.

If your property has suffered damage a result of a hurricane, whether you considering making your claim for damage, or have already reported your insurance claim, contacting the insurance dispute attorneys at LeavenLaw could help you gain what is rightfully yours... or get more than you would without our help.

If you are ready to aggressively pursue your hurricane or windstorm damage claim, call LeavenLaw’s policy-holder advocates at (866) 514-0556 today! #hurricanehunter #insurancehunter