Tampa Bay is known as the lightning capital of the world, so much so the area named one of its professional sports franchises after this weather phenomenon. So, living in Florida, it should be no surprise that you are exposed to potential lightning strikes to your home or business.

If your home or business is struck by lightning, how hard can it be to get reimbursed under your insurance policy for the damage you have incurred? Surprisingly, tougher than you might think.

What is My Lightning Damage Claim Worth?

A lightning damage claim can be tricky for your insurance carrier to adjust. Why? What he or she can see is likely not the extent of the damages your property has sustained.  Electricity travels, quickly and destructively, most of which is not in plain sight.  In addition, electricity is powerful, quick and unpredictable. Did you know that energy from one lightning strike could light a light bulb continuously for over 3 months!?!? Powerful stuff. Typical Florida thunder and lightning storms are also coupled with intense winds with rain which increases damage from water entering the home.  In summary, the extent of the damage and what is needed to properly restore your property back to its pre-loss condition is often times much greater than what plainly appears.

In the event you think your home has sustained lightning damage, give LeavenLaw’s insurance dispute attorneys a call. LeavenLaw will answer your questions and assist you from both a legal and practical perspective, helping you evaluate your situation and recommending the best next steps to ensure that you are fully compensated for your damages and to properly repair your home or business.

Get Professionals to help Maximize Your Lightning Damage claim!

Understand that as soon as you notify your insurance company about your potential lightning damage claim, your insurance company will send one if its adjusters to adjust your claim.....keeping the insurance company’s best interest in mind, not yours! These lightning claim adjusters are paid and trained by your insurance company. And in the end, insurance companies make money in either not paying claims, or underpaying valid claims. In fact, the insurance company’s claims division is in all likelihood its largest corporate expense and the place where it is easiest for them to find profitability and improve their bottom line....all at your, the policy holders, expense.

That is why you need the leap of experienced insurance dispute professionals. At LeavenLaw, our job is it to help people just like you to understand your rights and maximize your recovery under your insurance policy. LeavenLaw’s attorney’s passion and expertise is to do just that: maximize your recovery.

LeavenLaw is a consumer and policy-holder advocate law firm that specializes in insurance litigation. If you have sustained a lightning strike to your home or business, you probably have enough to deal with right now. Our job at LeavenLaw includes assisting the policy holder with the preparation of building damage estimates, contents inventory lists and valuation, and documenting your other losses. We assist you, the policy holder, with all the tedious tasks of compiling, submitting and settling claims.

Don’t settle for less than you rightfully deserve.  If you are ready to aggressively pursue your lightning damage claim, call LeavenLaw’s policy holder advocates today at (866) 514-0556. We will look forward to assisting you with your lightning damage claim! #insurancehunter