Sinkholes occur when groundwater beneath the surface erodes limestone and creating weakness in the layers beneath the surface, allowing holes to open causing damages to surface buildings. Truthfully, however, it is not always an open hole that creates damage to home and buildings. Instead, most sinkhole damage occurs gradually, as the land slowly weakens and sinks, causing cracks and breaks to a residence or commercial building.

The Florida laws governing sinkholes has been changed numerous times over the last decade making a Homeowner’s rights and remedies a bit confusing and challenging. The Florida insurance dispute lawyers at LeavenLaw, however, take great pride on advising you on the Florida law that applies to your claim based upon the governing law and your insurance policy terms.

How do you know you have a Sinkhole?

If you notice changes in the building’ s foundation, walls, or ceilings, the presence of such cracks and damage (without any obvious other reason) may indicate a sinkhole is present. These signs of damage include:

  • Cracks in you foundation
  • Cracks around doors and windows
  • Cracks in walls
  • Cracks in ceilings
  • Windows or doors that do not close properly
  • Indentations in your yard or driveway
  • Cracks or tilting in floor
  • Walls separating from ceiling or floors
  • House separations from foundationWater stains in floor or wall
  • Dislodged or leaning fence posts

Let LeavenLaw Help You with your Sinkhole Claim!

If you think you may have a sinkhole on your property, it is critical that you take pictures the damage and report the damage and other issues you are having with your home or business to your insurance company as soon as possible. Further, if the damage to to the extent that you must take action to protect and preserve your property, make sure that you save any and all repair receipts. Finally, check with neighbored to see if they are having — or have previously had — similar problems that you are currently experiencing with your property. Making sure you take time to do simple things can be the difference between and successful claim and devastating disappointment. Please help LeavenLaw help you so that we can get you maximum recovery or establish the basis for a bad-faith claim if your insurance company fails to adequately honor and pay your sinkhole claim.

If you are ready to aggressively pursue your sinkhole claim, call LeavenLaw’s policy holder advocates at (866) 514-0556 today to schedule your free initial consultation. Don’t wait — call us now!