Hail can cause damage to your property, and sometimes the damage may not be readily apparent. In some cases, the hail damage can be severe. You home is not the only property that can be damages by hail: buildings, cars, crops, and other property are all vulnerable to hail damage.

Recently, we have seen more hailstorms and, as a result, the damages caused by hail has drastically increased. Roof damage is the most commonly seen and destructive damage as a result of a hailstorm. To determine if your roof has been damages by a hailstorm, you will need to look for “strike marks” on your roof. Other common damages from hailstorms are multiple small dents in your car or truck or cracks in your windshield.

Fighting Against Insurance Bad Faith Hail Damage Claims

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to pay only a part of the damage caused hail damage, instead blaming such damages on normal wear and tear or other non-covered causes. In fact, many insurance companies will simply deny your hailstorm damage claim refuse to pay for any damage that allegedly results from such storm.

To deny your hailstorm damage claim, your insurance company may point to any number of excuses, namely:

  • Arguing that the damage was pre-existing
  • Asserting poor construction contributed to or caused the loss
  • Asserting improper owner maintenance contributed to or caused the loss
  • Pointing to a manufacturing defect as the caused of the damage
  • Undervaluing the hail damage to your residence or other property
  • Arguing the damage requires repair rather than full replacement
  • Refusing to pay for expenses related to repairs
  • Arguing that because less than 25% of the roof is damaged, the roof does not need to be fully replaced

In LeavenLaw’s opinion, the above excuses offered in response to hailstorm damage are offered in bad faith.

Do the Materials Used Need to Match?

My insurance company has decided to fix my roof, but the problem is the shingles don’t exactly match — do they have to match? Generally speaking, yes. Under your policy and Florida law, insurance companies generally have the obligation to repair your home in a way that restores it to its “pre-peril state.” Essentially, they have to return your home to how it was before it was damaged. This will mean matching the material used in your home with like kind materials, in quality, color texture, etc. If they do not, then they have not done their job. And if they can’t sufficiently “patch” your roof, we will fight to make sure it is replaced.

In the end, if your insurance company has engaged in any of the above unlawful conduct after you have reported damage to your property as a result of a hailstorm, you will need the assistance of an experienced Florida insurance dispute lawyer to fight for you, stand up to your insurance company, and get you fully reimbursed and compensated on your hailstorm damage claim.

If you are ready to aggressively pursue your hailstorm damage claim, call LeavenLaw’s policy holder advocates at (866) 514-0556 to get started today!