Unknown Problems

After being hit with a storm, major fire or suffering major water damage, the last thing most homeowners will think about is their mortgage. But the reality is, if your suffered loss is large enough, it may affect your ability to live in the home. And if your covered loss affects your ability to live in your home to the point that you have to seek alternatively, temporary living arrangements, that may “double” you living expenses, causing rent and a second set of utilities. Finally, the the insurance coverage is in dispute and take a while to adjust your claim, the amount of time you could be paying for a second set of living expenses could last for a while.

Florida Insurance Dispute Attorney

No one ever plans for tough times. So, when tragedy does strike, sometimes it can be hard to get what the compensation you are entitled to under your insurance policy. Fair and adequate compensation from your insurance company is crucial when recovering from personal injuries or other natural disasters, if for no other reason, to alleviate you from financial pressures that you are likely suffering. At LeavenLaw, our insurance dispute attorneys understand the complexities that come with serious injuries and financial consequences caused by natural disasters. And in the long run, insurance recovery could be your only option you have to make you whole. With over 70 years of combined years of legal experience dealing with consumer disputes surrounding insurance and financial matters, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience you need to get the best possible results in your insurance dispute case.

Contingency Fees: How Am I Going to Pay?

Many people are worried after experiencing a tragic lost, how can I afford an attorney to help me? Don’t be concerned. LeavenLaw’s business practice makes pursuing legal action over your insurance dispute easy. There are ZERO up front fees. There are ZERO up front costs. These is ZERO out-of-pocket expenses to you.
At LeavenLaw, we operate on a true contingency-fee basis when we represent you for your insurance dispute case, meaning that if we don't win your case, you don’t owe us anything. In the event a lawsuit is filed and we win or favorably settle your case, we will ask the insurance company to pay our fees without deducting anything from your coverage payout, See Florida Statutes, Section 627.428 or any other applicable law for a discussion on attorneys’ fees availability.

The Benefits of Working with an Insurance Recovery Law Firm

While recovering from your insurance company—a company that you have likely been faithfully paying premiums to for years—should be easy, unfortunately it not always is. Under Florida law, insurance companies are required to treat you “fairly.” This fairness requirement is known as an insurers "duty of good faith." If an insurance company does not treat you fairly, they may be acting in "bad faith," which typically may be grounds to pursue a lawsuit against your insurance company.

Florida Insurance Dispute Attorney

You pay your insurance bills every month in good faith, feeling secure that someday - should the need arise - your insurance company will take care of you and make good on your claim. Unfortunately, that does not always happen. Too often, insurance carriers turn away legitimate claims from their policy holders. That's where we step in. At Mena Law Firm, our Miami insurance attorney is committed to ensuring that clients recover what is rightfully theirs from insurance carriers.